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I'm coming for some help on a show I'm working on. Every year I do a show that runs to a 10-15 minute audio track. This show repeats through the night looping back to the beginning of the track. In the past I've programmed this show with Martin LJ and used the on board audio control commands and time code to cue everything. However LJ is a major pain in the ass to program on with this much gear. In pops Hog 3pc. I've got the 1U widget but I'm having a hell of a time finding information on how I can make the show run, even semi-automatically. I've spent most of the day reading (including the manual) and messing with midi with no results, not that I see midi really helping me at this point.

What are some thoughts on how I can get this show to run on Hog so I don't have to revert to slaving over LJ?


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    Show control is an entire field unto itself.

    The first big question is what are you using to play the audio, and do you want to Hog to control the audio system, or be controlled by the audio system? Second: What protocols does your audio system support for input or output? MIDI Notes? MIDI Show Control? Timecode (MIDI or LTC)?

    Perhaps the most common way to implement such a system is to have the audio system supply timecode to the console. You can then use "learn timing" to have the console record when you play cues. If your audio system doesn't support timecode natively, you can record timecode on to one track of the audio.

    If you're using a fancier audio system, it can supply MSC to the Hog, or vice-versa.

    If none of that works, then you can explore the use of MIDI notes, either directly between the Hog and the Audio System, or via a sequencer.
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    Thank you for the response. I think the best option is to get a program that I can lay the midi time code into the track and then virtually import that time code into the console. The program would need to be able to repeat on it's own but I can start and stop it. What programs should I be looking at? LJ has winamp embedded so I've never had to mess with Midi or external time codes.

    I don't think I need to work about MSC.

    I don't care about world clock and auto running of the show start/stop, I'll be there anyway.
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    Other forum members may have some suggestions.

    This may be a good question for one of the more generic lighting forums like the Light Network or Blue Room Forums too. This forum tends to be pretty hog specific, and your question is more generic show control.
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    The most cost efficient option if you don't have any audio software yet is probably Reaper. This is a full-featured but very affordable DAW - please check their pricing/licensing page for details.

    You could play back your audio from a computer using Reaper and have it generate MTC or LTC through a simple MIDI/audio interface. Then you slave the Hog3PC system to this.

    If on a Mac you could also generate MTC with Qlab2, but in most cases this will be a more expensive license then Reaper.

    Of course many mainstream DAWs like Logic, Cubase, Nuendo, ProTools etc. will also generate MTC from most versions.

    Eric is probably right in suggesting you also look elsewhere for advice since this question is only partly Hog-specific.

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    Thank you for the replies. After much searching this morning I did find Qlab (I'm on windows, dang) and Reaper. I finally got the midi in to work with Midi Yoke and am monitoring it with MidiOx. Now it's just a matter of finding a program that will do what I need. Multiplay doesn't seem like it'll work like I want so I'm on to try Reaper. I'll post back once I figure it out.

    BTW Eric was right about Blue Room. They actually have a very nice product listing of show and audio control programs. http://www.blue-room.org.uk/wiki/Computer_Based_Playback
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