cyberlight sv having some issues following my command.

elaydabrianelaydabrian Registered User
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Been working on this Cyber for days now,yet I can't get it to do anything from my hog.. all led's from both PCB and and logic board are "ON". Lamp will fire and everything works fine on self test. But when xlr cables plugged an taken out of self test,it rehomes and then it stays panned to the right. Wont move or do any of my commands..
*xlr clables are good. I'm using xlr cable from a chain with working cybers.
*address is set the same as the working cyber I pulled the xlr cables from.
*xlrs are locked.
*green led in logic is on,meaning its receiving commands.
*harness from logic to power replaced.
*fuses from power board all good.
*trust me I tried swapping both logic and power board I have about 2 of each for spare.

What else am I doing wrong.....I know my sv's but this is just weird....HELP PLS.


  • ChrisTallChrisTall Registered User, DL Beta
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    Bad DIP switch in the addressing resulting in it getting a higher/lower address than desired?

    Try setting a whole universe as 512 Desk channels and then bring all 512 up and see if it responds.
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