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shandy666shandy666 Registered User
i am running a network system with one hog3 a hog 3pc and a tablet pc
All runs well but some mornings when logging tablet on i get " show database init failure"
this can happen for hours or sometimes it connects straight away
any ideas why this is happening please:)


  • Michael_GrahamMichael_Graham Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
    edited September 2012

    Are you logging into and out of the show the same way each time?
    Log on - Hog 3 then PC then Tablet
    Log off - Tablet - 3PC - hog 3

    Sounds like tablet may have a bad copy of the show.
  • shandy666shandy666 Registered User
    edited September 2012
    logging on and off same way every day 3/pc/t=t/pc/3
    yesterday took about 12 attempts
    today 3
    some days its first time

    but always same error code ??:06:
  • shandy666shandy666 Registered User
    edited September 2012
    Hi Micheal
    today i had 4 fails then i rebooted tablet and it logged on first time
    tried reboot 2 days ago mid all the attempts but it did not have effect
    it seams to be very inconsistent i must admit
    i am running v3.2.3 and ounce off this commercial hope to upgrade to 3.2.5 on all my systems but with 2 full systems it is a time consumer

    any suggestions

    andy walton
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