'Waiting for node association'

stefan90kauwstefan90kauw Registered User
Hello all,

Im trying to get WYG R22 working with HOG 3PC 3.2.4.

But, the Wholehog DP (3396) keeps saying: 'Waiting for node association'.
He does have a connection with the HOG 3PC but i guess he wants to see Wholehog 3 sending out DP2000 instead of DP8000.

Who knows any solution for this problem?



  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
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    I believe you are forgetting to connect on the WYSIWYG side. Look under the live menu for the device manager. Open the device manager and make sure you have a DP8000 added and assigned to the correct net number. Then hit connect.
  • stefan90kauwstefan90kauw Registered User
    edited September 2012
    Wysiwyg R22 only gives Wholehog III DP. Not specificly DP8000.

    When i put in user number, link a universe etc and click connect, it says it cant connect to the hog.

    I took every step that should be taken to get it working, but even after a couple of reboots and trying to play with settings doesnt get it working for me.
  • jksorgjksorg Registered User, Hog Beta
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    Hi Stefan. The device in the the device manager is a Wholehog DP8000. I believe it was added after R22 so you might need to upgrade. I'm not sure what version it was added. I was checking back couldn't see it in the release notes on R24 through 28. Very sorry.
  • stefan90kauwstefan90kauw Registered User
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    So, this means i can't visualize with hog3pc to R22?
    Is there any posibility on hog3pc to use dp2000 instead of 8000?

    Kind of cheap if there's absolutely no option to it.
    Specially when you produce consoles like hog3 and roadhog etc.................
  • AndrisAndris Registered User
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    Yes, but WYG R22 is old software, they are up to R28 now.
    Hog3 and roadhog are current technology products, if you want to use them then you need the latest or a more recent version of WYG. No way around this.

    **I happen to see a lot of people complaining about R22 specifically not working with recent desks and lighting fixtures, and R22 is a very popular cracked version of WYG floating out there on the internet so it's funny sometimes to see people complain about something they got for "free"
  • jksorgjksorg Registered User, Hog Beta
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    You could try and contact Cast Software and see if they can add in the DP8000 to R22. Either that or back down to 3.1.9 and use DP2000's for your show.
  • cormacjackcormacjack Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
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    Hi Stefan,
    I think as Hog III PC is free and i can only guess that you are using wyg R22 much like the rest of the lighting world was for a while that you need to be careful when you use the word "cheap".
    I'm sure if you contact cast with the serial number of your R22 they can help you out.

    Or as kevin has pointed out you could try downgrading to 3.1.9 and work with the DP2000.You have choices but perhaps not the choices you want.

    Best C
  • lucaluxlucalux Registered User
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    HogPC 3.2.5
    Wholehog DP (visualiser) (3414) v1.08

    visualiser status
    status running
    info: Outputs Active

    put address: 1 in WYSI window : live-->device menager-->(double click) properties-->address cell-->1

    R U ready now??
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