Blizzard Fixtures: Good? Bad? Experiences?

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We're looking to source some small, versatile LED fixtures for our inventory and the new Blizzard Flurry Q (quad-LED model) seems to fit the checklist nicely. My problem is that there's virtually no feedback/reviews of any kind that I can find (so far -1- YouTube video comparing it to an Acu-Spot 250 is about it). We all know that there's the "specs" and then there's "how it really performs". I'd prefer not to have to buy my way to the latter information and get stuck with fixtures we'll never use collecting dust in our inventory.

I'd like to hear form anyone who's had experience with Blizzard products. Do they do the job? Meet their specs? Are they reliable? Etc. Any input is appreciated. Bonus appreciation for info on the Flurry Tri-LED or the new Flurry Q.

I realize we're at the "shallow end" of the lighting universe with these but, seriously, most of our stages are 10-15m wide and our rigging is generally at 3-4m above stage level - massive arc-stream concert fixtures aren't practical or realistic. I already know we're going to have to fake up a patch for our Hog-3's so that's not an issue. I just need some idea of whether or not these would be money well-invested or should I keep looking.

Thanks to any/all who can contribute!
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