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I am expanding my business and currently typically use a chavet 4 bar with a chauvet 4 play for most venues. I will be running two rigs therefore need lights for second show. I was thinking the 4 bar tri.

However my last show I was at which was a farm in a long tin shed and I had at least 50 feet from the door and people said the 4 bars were pretty bright, which turned out to be my fault on the angling of the lights.

In the end do I spend the money a brighter 4 bar tri or just get another matching 4 bar? Benefit of the 2nd 4 bar would be master slave via dmx option (I do not use a controller, just sound active) and also for larger shows to have one on each side as well.


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    This forum is for products manufactured by High End Systems.

    If you have general lighting questions there are plenty of other lighting-related forums available on the Internet such as The Lightnetwork and Blue Room forums.
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