Patching Robe Robin 100 fixtures

pepijn1908pepijn1908 Registered User
Hi All,

I am going to run a show consisting of 36 Robe Robin 100 LED beams. I downloaded the personality file from the library download page and I've imported it successfully into the showfile.

The beams I'll be using will be in 35 channel mode, which seems to be mode 1 in the DMX chart. The personality for mode 1 consists of 3 separate fixtures, Robe Robin 100 LED Beam m1 beam, cell and motion which, if added up, take 20 channels. All the other modes are also consisting of 20 channels or less.

Is there anyone here who has experience with patching these fixtures? What am I missing here? I'm sure it's something simple but it drives me nuts... :1zhelp:




  • MitchMitch Registered User, HES Alumni
    edited August 2012
    Mode 1 looks like it will need 1 x M1 Motion @ 1, then 3 x M1 Cell @ 7, then 1 x M1 Beam @ 31

    For Mode 5 looks like you will patch 1 x M5 Motion @ 1 and then 3 x M5 Cell starting @20 for example.
  • xp677xp677 Registered User
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    Is there really a benefit to so much individual control in a fixture I can fit in the palm of my hand? Are you using these as video wall or something?
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
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    Rather use mode 5 if you like to have individual control of the 3 RGB-Cells.
    Makes programming a bit easier cause you only have 4 virtual-fixtures to controll 1 real-fixture

    I used the 100 Beam a lot, and the only real benefit of the 3 cells is when you run a matrix or for TV with a lot of direct-camera-shots into the fixture.
    When just used as a beam-fixture you can go with mode 2 and use some macros if you like to habe some macro-efx running on those 3 cells
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