Problems logging into show

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I posted this in the general forum but then noticed this one, so here it goes

Problems loging on to show
I am running an all conventional rig on a TV show. I am running 3.2.2 (I know I need to update). I have a laptop running as a server a tablet PC as a rfu an a hogIPC running as my main console. The rig was running great until friday. I stoped being able to update anything from the IPC. The rfu and server worked just fine. Now this morning i have to run my whole showfrom the RFU. Also when i log of the show it gives me a "desktop shutduwn" error, everytime I log off.

Aside from reinstalling the software, I am going to do it tomorrow morning, any sugestions?


  • eboxereboxer Registered User
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    Did reinstalling work for you?

    Also, how are you outputting DMX?
  • rockinbonesrockinbones Registered User
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    I didn't end up reinstalling. I will as soon as I get a chance. I'm not sure if it is related, but I have two weird things happening. When I select a group that has been renamed it holds the old name in the comand line. The other thing being on occasion when I attempt to merge some changes into a stack the programer does not reflect it. What I mean is that the fields are still highlighted as if nothing happened. Although it is in the cue.
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    I would move your show file to the IPC, enable the boot server, and lunch the show; slowly start adding back in your PC and the tablet. The reason I would move the show file is your laptop might be going into a hibernate or sleep state and shutting down your NIC card. This could corrupt your show file and be the source of your problems. as well check all the network windows and make sure your Ip's are all in range of each other, your on the same sub net and so on! I've had some issues myself when we network our WH3 together. Best of luck my friend, let me know if it helped
  • rockinbonesrockinbones Registered User
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    Just to wrap this up. I ended up starting a new show, and merging the old one into it. So far so good it seems to have fixed the instability I was seeing.
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