Cyber Rgobo homing issues

shade4shade4 Registered User
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Three of our cybers (a CX, a CL and an SV) have trouble homing the rotating gobo wheel.
Rehoming never seems to fix them, but very slowly driving the rgobo channel through the rotating range often resets them properly.
Fiddling with the spring plunger on the rgobo wheel hasn't really helped - I wonder if there's a spring plunger associated with the rotation mechanism that I might have missed?
It feels like the rgobo wheel and the gobo rotation are not playing nicely together.
Any thoughts?




  • shade4shade4 Registered User
    edited November 2012
    For the record it seems that the spring plunger WAS the issue, although one of them had a slightly bent rgobo wheel. Once I had the units on a workbench with easy access and good lighting it was possible to set the spring plungers correctly. When you give the rgobo wheel a flick with your finger and it keeps rotating a small amount, say about an 8th to a 16th of a turn, the plunger tension is about right.
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