Cyber CX tilt stepper

shade4shade4 Registered User
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I have a Cyber CX that doesn't tilt.
- The spring plunger was the first try, but looser or tighter didn't matter.
- Tried swapping P&T at the dip switch to check for data errors - pan works fine, still no tilt.
- Also tried swapping P&T connectors at the data board - again, good pan but bad tilt.
My conclusion is the tilt stepper motor. Does that sound reasonable? Is HES the only source for a new one or is it a standard spec item?




  • TimMillerTimMiller Registered User
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    I would say its the motor they do go bad over time. You can get parts from your local Highend dealer or from
  • shade4shade4 Registered User
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    Thanks Tim, parts ordered...
  • shade4shade4 Registered User
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    Lightparts provided the new parts. As well as a new stepper motor one unit had a bad stepper driver chip, also available from lightparts.

    Just posting as a flag to also check your stepper driver if it seems a stepper motor has gone bad.
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