Laser Chorus Extender Board - Do they exist?

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I'm looking for a Laser Chorus Extender Board.

I have never seen one and don't know if they were ever made. I have seen the schematic on the HES website, and it seems like just the power supply section and op-amp output section of a regular HES Laser Chorus controller but without the pattern selection, rate, speed, etc controls.

It is used to allow the connection of 12 additional heads to the chorus controller which supports 12 heads for 24 total. I guess it is rack-mount and the same look/form factor as the controller.

I am thinking of modding one of my controllers to slave off of another one, but would rather find one complete instead of hacking up a good controller.

Has anyone ever seen one? Were they ever made or did the dual output of the vipers (12 vipers = 24 beams) make the extender unnecessary? Anyone have a picture they could post?



  • djeric68djeric68 Registered User
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    Anyone ever seen or heard of these?
  • djeric68djeric68 Registered User

    Thanks for the response. Only 12 - didn't realize they were that rare. This is a very old thread but I'm glad to get any information I can.

    I finally modified a Laser Chorus controller to slave off of the main controller. Works good but I will keep looking for an extender just to make my collection of Laser Chorus & Vipers complete. Hopefully I'll find one eventually.

    Do you remember if they were the same # of rack spaces or were they smaller height? Probably were because of the transformer height - Just curious.

    Do you know of any Viper HeNe tubes for sale? I have a few vipers that need tubes, preferably green, yellow & orange.



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