Palettes not updating?

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Pardon if this has been discussed elsewhere, I think it must have been as I've been having the same issue across several different consoles and show files, but I couldn't find a thread.
Essentially, palettes aren't updating correctly. If I need to tweak a color for instance, I'll grab the parameter, make the adjustments, and merge into the palette; then when I hit clear, the changes are lost. Grabbing those lights and trying the new palette doesn't help.
Any insights? I had a friend with the same problem, she said try recording "Per Type" which had worked for her apparently, but it's not working for me.


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    Not entirely sure why some of the requested fixtures were missing from the previous attachment.

    I have check and confirmed that the Wholehog fixture library attached to the post contains all three fixtures as requested.

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    loebus wrote: »
    I had a friend with the same problem, she said try recording "Per Type" which had worked for her apparently, but it's not working for me.

    Hi Brooke,

    Is the change truly lost?
    Or did it maybe just go into a Global palette as Per Fixture information, for example?

    When you OPEN your palette what do you see?

    Hope this helps. :)
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    Yup. Definitely a Global vs Per Fixture thing, you are right. Nothing I've come across before, and it befuddled me. Some might say I'm easily befuddled. I'm not sure I completely understand it even now, but I did discover that if I Open and Update the palette instead of Merging it it seems to work. Also, if I delete the offending fixture's info from the palette, making it a purely Global palette, it fixes it as well. Thanks for the help.
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    Glad you got it sorted.

    The basic difference between the 3 palette types (Global, Per Type, Per Fixture) is pretty self explanatory, but understanding how they are applied and used are critical to making it work for you instead of against you.

    You can have Global, with Per Type and Per Fixture exceptions all in the same palette.
    Very powerful overall, especially when doing lots of Change Type and/or Replicate Fixtures operations.
    A few things to look out for when Recording or Updating.

    1 - Position Palettes always default to "Per Fixture"
    2 - If all the fixtures you select have the same values for the same parameters for recording (say 2 different fixture types, both with an Iris value of 25% to create an Iris palette), then the default is "Global”.
    3 - Per Type always requires you to manually select it while Recording

    Where it can get a bit tricky is when you have more than one type of fixture you are Recording into a palette at the same time. Trickier still is when you have different values for different parameters.

    As stated above, if the parameter type and value are the same, then it goes in as Global. If they are not the same, the system will go to the lowest fixture number and make that one the Global values with Per Fixture exceptions FOR EVERY FIXTURE SELECTED when you Recorded.

    All of these defaults can be “overridden” or set to be whichever type you want manually by using the toolbar buttons to select the type of palette when Recording/Merging/Updating.

    Hope this helps. :)
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