Hog3PC system which processor (1core vs multi core)

Hugovd89Hugovd89 Registered User
Hi All

I,m going to build a verry small and light weight hog3pc theater set.

But I'm really wondering what kind of CPU Hog3 software needs now days, cause my old Intel celeron 3.2Ghz can't even keep up with a +100 fixtures show.

I,m looking for a processor that can run Hog3pc with a show file containing +50 movers, +50led fixtures. The system has to be verry small, low energy consumption, silent, and ofcourse easy on the wallet.

I've been looking for ITX and mITX form factors, and ofcourse systems containing Dualcore Intel Atom processors like the D510. But sadly there still to expensive to just take the gamble.

Any info on what Hog3PC needs (Ghz, Cache, Cores), to run without stuttering.

And ofcourse indebt information from HES on this topic, is greatly appreciated.

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