Roadhog Output stuttering

PhsionPhsion Registered User
Hi All,
I sent a Road Hog (Version 3.2.2 I believe) out on tour, and the LD is calling me with problems. I'm hoping to get some ideas for a fix while he works at his end.

The problem is: The console's output stutters and blacks out for short periods when he is adjusting large groups of fixtures. The cue playback is effected also, but to a lesser degree than while programming.
This only happens when he is actually changing values, not during a static scene, no matter how large.
The problem is worse when more fixtures are selected.

Any idea whats happening, or how to fix it?
This same console with a previous version of the show file worked a couple months ago, but the show file has been put on several different consoles since then, while the console stayed the same, minus a couple small shows.
I told the LD to open the case and make sure all the fans are operating, and to try updating the console to the latest version. Failing that, I will try and talk him through restoring the XPe Image, although that may not be possible.
I'm also waiting to hear if the Console's output window shows the problem.

Thanks for the help.
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