HogClock Init Failure

eboxereboxer Registered User
Running 3PC (Windows 7)
Full Boar
Network IOP
3.2.3 and 3.2.4

I initially set up the system running 3.2.4 and got the FB running just fine. Tried connecting 3PC and it wouldn't see the show server running. Reloaded the program and I received the error 'HogClock Init Failure'. I connected another computer to the system with the same configuration and had no issues.

Due to a fatal error we were constantly getting (will post in another thread about that) we downgraded to 3.2.3 and still had the same issue.

Removed the software and reinstalled. The launch screen loads the first time i start the application but it still cant find the network show. During the next series boots I get the HogClock error every time, even after reboots.

The odd thing is is that I've never had this issue with the system before. Anyone have any ideas?
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