A few little things that would be nice.

BenwinBenwin Registered User, Hog Beta
Any news on the release date of Hog Next?

A couple of things that would be nice

To be able to soft re-label universes (for example for when you are patching in to a festival rig, they have 6 universes but you are only using 1,3,4,5 patched in to your 5,6,7,8. it starts getting a bit confusing. Also to be able to label universes by letter as well as by number)

Colour coding in patch window by fixture which carries over to cue list edit, programmer, output windows etc.

raise and lower fixture priority in patch window stays put when you re-open window.

To be able to edit global and by type fixture palettes in the edit window.

To be able to disable lowlight palette via macro or single button assignment, maybe to one of the rollerball buttons.

Thats all I can think of for now, I apologize if these have already been covered or are already possible, they are just a few thinks i keep meaning to mention.

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