did you hear what Blue Man Group is doing in Berlin?

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According to this news, "Eight DL1s and 4 Catalyst v3 Media Servers are gearing up to enhance (Blue Man Group's) permanent show opening May 9 in the Potsdamer Platz theatre."

It's great to see they are taking advantage of this great new Digital Lighting technology from HES.


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    I am a lighting design major at The Theatre School at DePaul University in Chicago and I am giving a presentation on the catalyst, the DL1 and other digital lighting servers. I am trying to get more information from people who have used this equiptment on recent shows. What are their thoughts about the new technology, how it is intigrated into shows and what it brings to the future of show lighting?
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    Hello Lightrecord,
    I just returned from Taipei, Tawian, where they have 16 DL-1's, 8 Catalyst, WH III w/ 2 wings and huge video distribution system, and some other HES Fixtures in a club install. I have to say without a doubt that it was one of the most amazing things that I have got to program. On the walls of this 2500 person club, we had all 16 projecting on to the wall and had fire, water and bubble effects being played through the system, and when you stood in the center of the room, it was seemlessly 360 degrees of fire around you. One of the most breath taking sites to be seen! Not to mention the extreme visual eye candy of the digital arieals projecting through the air. I hope this assists you in your presentation.

    Nicholas Militello
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