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ChrisTatnellChrisTatnell Registered User
Hey All,

We have just purchased a roadhog wing for a full boar and I am trying to make it work with our Hog PC but it wont work.

I have 2 x small 600x800 touchscreen monitors with a playback wing and a programming wing (the ones without the built in monitor) as my current Hog PC setup. Now when I remove the playback wing and its monitor and replace it with the Road Hog playback wing, the monitor comes up with the computers background for the second output but when I touch the screen and move my finger around, the mouse comes up on the opposite output screen. When I move my finger up, the mouse goes down and vice versa.

I have tried calibrating both screens and still end up with the same problem at the end of the day......

Is there some sort of drivers software for those particular wings? I would of thought that the Hog PC software had it included since both wings work on my Roadhog.


  • stevejardenstevejarden Registered User
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    Hi Chris the drivers need to be downloaded manually for the touch wings, I believe there is a link to the drivers when installing Hog 3 pc. The drivers used to be included with the software but i think they had issues when the road hog wings came out. I know I had issues getting our ones to work with one laptop yet they were fine on others


  • Mike_AMike_A Registered User, Hog Beta, Distributors
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    Unless something has changed since last time I installed HogPC the link in the installation does not work. You can go here and find drivers:


    Also, in your display setting make the Roadhog wing display your primary monitor.
  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
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    For the touch screens you need to install the drivers from ELO touch. The ones supplied in earlier versions of Hog 3PC are probably causing the problem. So, uninstall the touchscreen drivers using the windows device manager and then download and reinstall elo's accutouch drivers for your operating system from the Elo website.
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