using clock as trigger

sandersander Registered User
hog console as server
hogPC as (backup-) server
software version 3.2.3

This night i had a problem with the clock-trigger, it was the first time i used this together with hogPC connected as backup.
I had set the time on the console to trigger my preset Q at 19:30:00, and what i didnot expected, in the Qlist of the hogPC it became 21:30:00. I had not checked it, so i was really surprised during the show...
After some digging, it appeared to be related with the +1 GMT and the automatic "summer/winter time" settings of the PC. Now i know it is not really an issue, but it surprised me that the time is not a "hard" value, but a relative connection to the clock of any computer.
The next thing that came up in my mind is that when you use a clock-trigger together with a backup-system (both server), both computers will give a GO, and it is nearly impossible to have set the time of both exact the same at a nano-second, so there will always be two triggers.

Just thoughts, but good to know and maybe to think about.

best regards,
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