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Hi Guys,

I have an upcoming job with a Road Hog, and I need to allow Cue Lists to be triggered by LTC.

I have two questions;

1) I have a Martin Audio Uno device for this job. I assume that it will accept LTC and deliver it to the desk - it works perfectly with MIDI notes.

2) The connection for LTC on the players it BNC.... Any tips on how I can convert this from BNC to work with the Uno interface?



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    Do you mean "M-Audio Uno"? I'm not sure what a "Martin Audio Uno" is.

    Timecode can be sent many different ways.
    Linear Timecode (LTC) typically means timecode sent as an audio signal (line or mic level).

    MIDI Timecode (MTC) can carry the same information, but is sent as a MIDI signal.

    There as other formats too, such as Vertical Interval Timecode (VITC) where the timing information is sent using a video signal.

    Even though all of these formats are considered timecode, they are not compatible. You can't plug an LTC source into a MTC (MIDI) receiver. You'd need a LTC widget for your console to make this work.
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    Sorry, Eric, I do in fact mean the M Audio.

    So, really, unless I can get him to give me a MTC rather than an LTC I need a widget?

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    You'll either need an LTC widget or something to convert LTC to MTC.

    Make sure the player really is sending out LTC and not VITC. The fact that the player uses a BNC connector is suspicious. It's certainly possible to carry an unbalanced audio LTC signal over a BNC connector, but BNC is more commonly used for video.
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