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i am crossfading from one cue to the next with a different 3d object & different file within each cue. the problem is as i crossfade cues, one half of the 3d object appears with the new file playing and then it jumps in to full 3d object of the file playing. this happens even at different crossfade times (zero count & 5sec crossfade)

DL2 v.
CMA v.

any ideas?


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    We seen issues similar to this before, which are currently logged in our system as bug 8069. However, I am having troubles trying to recreate the specific issue you are talking about here. Out of curiosity, could you give us some details on your set-up, such as which control console you are using, are you using art-net or DMX?

    Also a specific example of one of your cues would help greatly, i.e. crossfading between which objects and which media files, how many layers you have up simultaneously, etc.

    As far as what you are seeing: There are some known glitches that can occur in output when switching certain aspects of a layer while it is visible. Changing the file or object are two of the biggests offenders, but the problem can be magnified if you are also switching other constructs such as scale, rotation, position, etc. at the same time. Once I get some details about your cues, I can hopefully give you a hand in finding a way to work around the issue.
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    console - Maxxyz
    DMX for control w/ CMA via Cat5

    as for cue structure:

    in 3d object 57 and a file running thru it; scaling is up to 170 on each of the axis; rotation is at X - 31488, Y - 28160, Z - 30720 all on layer one, then on another layer you have: 3d object 59 with scaling at 170 on each axis, then you have rotation on X - 29248, Y - 34176, Z - 34048.

    the deal is trying to crossfade from one layer to the next like you can with Catalyst v3.3. video fades in and the other fades out.

    what i am seeing as the bug is that the outline of the previous 3d object is held til 1/2 way thru the crossfade then it snaps in full to catch up the cue.

    hope this helps.

    we have decided to go another route with programming at the moment. if this can be fixed, it would be great to use in several of our programming. we just finished 2 songs so far in programming 20 songs for the set.

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    Thanks for the great info on what you were seeing. I have been able to recreate what you were seeing here in the office. Without going into a huge explanation of polygon Z positioning calculations, suffice to say this is a bug with our graphics engine which I will log into our system.

    Unfortunately there is no good way to work around this. You will end up with the "shadow" of the object you were seeing either at the beginning of one layer's fade up, or the end of another layer's fade down. Probably not what you want to hear, but this will get fixed in a future release.
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