Technobeam color/litho motor replace tips

K9MikeK9Mike Registered User
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I need to tear into a couple TBs to replace the litho and color wheel motors, and was wondering what the best way to access them is.

It looks like (unfortunately) that I need to take the main pcb out, or at least disconnect the motor / sense connectors going to the right (standing behind the fixture, facing forward), and lift the pcb up and to the left.

Or ...? Any shortcuts?


- Mike


  • K9MikeK9Mike Registered User
    edited May 2012
    After further disassembly, I now see what it takes to replace those motors. :17::17::17:
  • K9MikeK9Mike Registered User
    edited May 2012
    Actually, I rescind my :17: with respect to motor replacement. After learning what does and doesn't need to be moved / removed, it actually goes pretty quick (amazing how knowing what you're doing really helps!)

    The only thing I haven't mastered yet is how to remove the standoff on the tilt motor that holds the brake in place with out it ending up looking like a chewed pencil.
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