How to create a macro to strike lamps

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We have several groups of lamps that currently are being struck by entering the ranges on the command line and then clicking on the Control button followed by clicking on the Strike button.

I'm thinking that this would be much better if placed into a Comment Macro and made one of the first things that is done when the show is started (allowing ample time for the lamps to "strike" of course).

I found a couple of posts that suggested using a Comment Macro to trigger a Virtual Cue (list) but the posts are a bit light on specifics.

Are there any examples that would be available to look at for similar Comment Macros and Virtual Cuelist processing?

How would I perform the "control" and "strike" "clicks" from within the Comment Macro or virtual cue list? Etc.



  • jxgriffijxgriffi Registered User, DL Beta, Hog Beta
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    Just build a cue list...depending on how many movers you have, break them into groups to help spread the strike load on the electrical service.

    Mine does the following: (w = Wait)

    Cue 1 - All fixtures dousers open
    w3 - Cue 2 - Group 1 (VL1000s) Control-Strike
    w10 - Cue 3 - Group 1 Control Idle / Group 2 (VL2000s) Control-Strike
    w10 - Cue 4 - Group 2 Control Idle / Group 3 (Studio Spots) Control-Strike
    w10 - Cue 5 - Group 3 Control Idle / Group 4 (Studio Colors) Control-Strike
    w10 - Cue 6 - Group 4 Control Idle
    w5 - Cue 7 - All Fixtures at Full (to be able to walk around and verify lamps are indeed struck)
    w45 - Cue 8 - All fixtures at 0
    Follow+3 - Cue 9 - Comment Macro RLxxx (where XXX is the list #)

    I also do one for douse, but do them all at the same time as there isn't a surge due to striking.

    Now....if you want to automate that into running when the console the Preferences under MISC is "STARTUP Macro" - type in "GLxxx" where XXX is the "Lamp Strike List".
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    That was helpful.

  • steeve_vajksteeve_vajk Registered User
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    I second using a Cue List for striking/dousing/homing fixtures.

    As jxgiffi said, offsetting the lamp strikes is better for the electrical system. Furthermore, you don't risk accidentally recording fixture commands into cues, or having the whole thing fail because you had Highlight and/or Blind on when you fired your macro.
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