Cyberlight SV Power Issues

bowoahski3bowoahski3 Registered User
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I am currently using 12 cyberlight cv's and in the last month I have had 5-6 have power problems where they just won't turn on. I have checked fuses but doesn't seem to be the problem. An electrician who had been work with them told me that lamp holder sensor may have gone bad or something in that region may have shorted but that doesn't seem to be the common problem. One cyberlight just needed a good hit in the dip switch area to turn back on. Any problem familiar with this problem and can lend some advice. Thank you.


  • whitleyrichardwhitleyrichard Registered User
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    haaaa i remember when we had ours... we had 2 or 3 when certain problems happend you just gave them a "love tap" in certain areas and they would work great all night.. but sooner or later they would go out and need repair.. ill ask the guy who fixed ours all those years ago.. maybe he will remember what he did..
  • elaydabrianelaydabrian Registered User
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    1st: Open it up, AND check if transformer connections are OK.(turn on cyber while wiggling the transformer connector) 2nd: check the safety switch nearest to the lamp. Usually goes bad due to heat.
  • jksorgjksorg Registered User, Hog Beta
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    I have some older Cyberlight Turbo fixtures and I have had this problem as well. The 2 safety senors could be something you need to look at. The one for the hatch door underneath seems to be the one that I have the most problem with. It settles down just a bit on its latches just enough to let go of the sensor. But I've also had a few where I had to bend the switch on the lamp cap up just a bit to get it to work as well.

    Hope this helps. Take care!
  • TimMillerTimMiller Registered User
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    Personally I bypass the switches on the belly of the fixture leaving only the one for the lamp. It's hard to troubleshoot a light without power so they end up being bypassed anyways.
  • elaydabrianelaydabrian Registered User
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    Yea I bypass them aswell.bit while while on the work bench. I would just shove a piece of cardboard on the bellyside where all the motors are at. But yes you should really check that safety sensor were the lamp always gives me problems..on a bad day, I would just bypass that..I wouldn't recommend it. But be very careful not to get shocked.
  • cvargas1027cvargas1027 Registered User
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    I've had similar problems with the cybers I worked on, after i've checked just about everything, i checked the power cable where it comes out of the unit to the plug. I've noticed that the bending of the cable when you stand up the fixture damages the cables in side the insulation. After re wiring the switch, that fixture will start back up with no problems after that.
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