Disable Pig+go function?

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Hey Guys,

I was wondering..
Is there, or will there be a way in the near future to disable pig+go while running shows?

I use the main-GO button all the time to run the main list of a song, but as the pig button on a mini wing is on the right side next to the faders and I am not operating that wing myself (used for keylighting and conventionals for the LD) That littl pigbutton is easily pressed (by accident) while fading I noticed...

Pig+MainGO is in this case a terrible feature as you can imagine!!

It would be awesome to enable/disable this feature or buttons in the "wings-menu" or in Miscelaneous preferences for instance...


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    A few options:
    Use an Expansion Wing instead of a Mini-Wing. The Expansion Wing has an "Enable" key that allows you to do what you're asking for.

    Hook the mini wing up to a computer running 3PC and joint it to the show as a networked console. When the LD presses the PIG key, it won't affect anything you're doing.

    Tape a bottle cap over the keys you don't want the LED pressing.
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    The reason I decided to post this, is that I cannot imagine that anyone who runs a medium to large show where the hog is used to control the rig, wants to use this function.. My experiences are now, that it can only harm you.. I never used it and wasn't aware of this until now.. And believe me, it is really annoying when it happens during show...

    My config was: Roadhog full Boar (no HogIII available..) + DP8000 + Expansion Wing + Miniwing for LD only

    I am aware of the good functionality of the enable key on the expansion wing..

    The other two options you describe feel like workarounds rather then a solution..

    I am looking for a software-button in the "preferences" area to disable this..
    For people who DO want to use this, can get to this using a comment macro, isn't it??

    Thanx for answering though..
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