Two DL2's for twice the light?

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Hello -

Forgive the naive question as I'm new to the DL series - I am working on a show that will use a DL2 to project video onto my cyc.

Is it possible to run two DL2 units in sort of a "linked" mode to produce a brighter effect? Is this relatively simple?

Also one other question - I read that the CMA is no longer supported on Mac OSX - is this true??

Thanks for your help!

Kind Regards,

- James


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    Hi James,

    Are you wanting to project the DL.2s side by side and blend them together for a brighter, larger image? Or stack the images on top of one another to create just a brighter image?

    For the first option, we have the Collage Generator built into the DL software that will allow you to take several DLs (up to 128 actually, in several different configurations) and blend them together to create a large, bright image. You can find more information about the Collage Generator and how to use it here:

    There is also more info available in chapter 12 of the DL.2 user manual available here:

    The second option (stacking the projections) is also possible, but one tip to make it easier is to put the DL.2 fixtures as close together as possible (and still allow for movement of the head). The closer they are, the easier it will be to line up the stack and the less keystone correction will be required.

    Hope this helps. If you haven't already, I would recommend looking through the DL.3/2 user manual. There's tons of good info in there about what the fixtures are capable of and some examples to help get you going.

    Best regards,
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