v3.2.3 "MAP/Abc" bug

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Name: Benoit Richard
Date: April 7th 2012
Software Version and build number: 3.2.3 (b3367)
Number of displays: 1
Connected USB Devices: 0
Networked Devices: 7
Detailed description of the problem including instructions to reproduce (if possible) and exact syntax used:

I have been testing 3.2.3 (b3367) and discovered that MAP mode does not "hold" when you use a touchscreen on a Hog3PC Tablet, logged in as a secondary server over Wifi:

Bug 1 Reproduced: When you are in MAP mode and you touch the Secondary screen, MAP goes back to Abc.

Bug 2 Reproduced: When you use ALT+TAB to switch between Primary, Secondary and Control Panel, 3 things happen:

1 - MAP mode kicks back to Abc.
(then when you reactivate MAP mode)
2- The F1-F12 Keys are "locked" to press the Top Right Tool Bar buttons (instead of Group, Position, Color, Beam, etc...)
3- The Number Keys do not select fixture numbers in the command line.

I haven't found a way to kick out of this very strange Mapping state.

Good Luck! :outtahere:


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    edited April 2012
    FYI, as a follow up test, I set up the tablet as a straight client (not a secondary server).

    - Touching the Secondary screen did not drop MAP mode to Abc.

    - Using Alt+Tab to switch between Primary, Secondary and Control Panel locked the F keys to "Top Right Tool Bar" buttons and prevented the number keys from selecting channels/fixtures in the command line.


    P.S. The Tablet I use is a Lenovo S10-3t with Windows 7 Professional.
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