Trackspot Gobo fault

monkeypuzzlemonkeypuzzle Registered User
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Hi, I'm used to the mirror giving the sensor fault noise and am slowly replacing all the sensors but one is giving a beeping noise form the gobo stepper. What does this mean and is there any document that gives all the fault codes and service methods (like homing and realigning steppers?

Many thanks.
Matt Poole.


  • bigdarkspotbigdarkspot Registered User
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    I've never heard the fault noise come from anything but the mirror. It's possible that the logic network driving the 'Enable' pins on the 8-bit latches that drive the motor chip has a fault in it, causing it to respond to the wrong data bits on the data bus. It's also possible that I just never noticed the wheels makiing the fault sound, since the mirror is louder.
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