Cyberlight CX - Wont self-test

andrewfandrewf Registered User
edited April 2012 in HES Automated Lighting
I have a pair of Cyberlight CX units that will not self-test on boot up.

The 4 fuses are good, the 3 LEDS on each board are also lit.

I confirmed I have the proper voltage feeding the secondary transformer and proper return voltages (12v, 5v, etc)

I swapped out both boards from another unit (which I don't know if it worked either) as well as the capacitor.

I swapped out the secondary power supply as well and swapped out the cable that feeds the controller board.

When I first boot the unit up, the GOBO wheel attempts to move but then stays in the middle and buzzes. There is resistance if I manually try to move it.

The GOBO rotating motor does the same thing, as well as the mirror motors.

The fans do not spin, although as soon as I hit power off, they spin briefly.

All motors move freely when the unit has no power.

Suggestions of what to look at next?
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