Random Temp Problem Trackspot Bolt

John PatrickJohn Patrick Registered User
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Hi Guys
A bit of advice needed on some new Trackspot Bolt's I have installed in a theme park in Australia. Several of the units have started to exhibit a Temp error, not all the time and not just the one unit, I noticed it first on 1 unit in the factory during pre-programming and never saw it again, I programmed them for a week about 8 hrs per day, and only saw 1 unit exhibit the error on the last day (night before the opening). Then on show day another unit did it. Homing does not help but switching off and on cures the problem, I would normally be ok with little glitches like this but these units are part of an automated show run by the Park Staff, Also when the units where new they would not and still don't give me a data status light when DMX is present, I ignored that as they were working fine.They are running the original Software version, could this be the problem? Any advise would be helpful

Thank You
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