Macros from Midi Notes / Triggers

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Can we make a direct mapping for ACTUAL macros (not comment macros) to midi input. -- I'd like to be able to take a group of macros (ideally whatever I set) and use them and trigger directly, instead of having to make phantom playbacks bars, writing a cue, listing a macro,etc.... its far to many steps for something that should be much easier.

I want to be able to use a midi playback wing quickly trigger a bunch of stuff.


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    You can use the "GK" comment macro in a MIDI trigger to fire a keystroke macro directly. Assign a MIDI channel to "Comment Macros", then set note 1 to "GK1", note 2 to "GK2", etc. Then whatever you record as keystroke macro 2 will play when you send MIDI note 2 to that channel.

    Or, have the MIDI controller use keystroke mapping to send [macro]{#}[enter]

    It's not exactly what you're asking for, but these should be faster than recording dummy cuelists and assigning them to a playback.
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