Art-net and DMX outputs

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I think that I should be able to do this, but have never attempted it. Can I output Artnet to drive a media server on Universe 1, and still use console outputs 2-4 to drive dimmers and other fixtures with straight DMX? Road Hog Full Boar 3.2.2, I think.

Is it just a matter of assigning the correct universe to the Artnet output?




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    Patch your internal DP8000 as normal, with your server fixtures patched on Universe/Output 1 and additional fixtures on Universe/Output 2-4.

    In the network settings for the internal DP, assign Universe/Output 1 to your preferred Art-Net output universe.

    The server DMX data will actually output on Art-Net and the physical DMX output in this scenario. You could patch your server to Universe/Output 5-16 to free up the additional physical output on the back of the console.

  • bhorowitzbhorowitz Registered User
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    Thanks Phil. I thought as much, but wanted to double check before I had 6 people staring over my shoulder.
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    Just to clarify on a Full Boar you only have Universes 1-12 available with the "internal DP" process. (built in processing without an additional external DP-8000)

    Hope this helps. :)
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    Be sure that you know where to go for the Art-Net settings. The manual can seem a little thin on this topic.

    Section 12.4 of the manual discusses most of what you need to know.

    From 12.4.1:

    To configure the Road Hog Full Boar fixture link port from the console:
    1. Setup → Network : open the Network window.
    2. Select the DMX Processor 8000 assigned to net number 1 (or whichever DMX Processor is associated with the local internal DMX Processor 8000 in your show) and press Settings.
    3. Select the Fixture Link pane of the DMX Processor Settings window.

    There is one little snafu in that the official first subnet (universe) on Art-Net is subnet 0. Depending on the devices or servers you are using, the subnet number that you are transmitting or receiving may be offset by 1.

    Also, be sure that you are coming out of the proper physical network port on the back of the console.

    Good luck and have a great show!

  • bhorowitzbhorowitz Registered User
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    Thanks Phil;

    I have used ArtNet before, but either to a visualizer or with Artnet driving everything. Never mixed Artnet and physical DMX before.

    I have my Hippo showing up 2 days before the LED screens it's outputting to, so I have a bit of time to play. Never mind the rest of the rig for a TV shoot going up around me.
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