Wholehog 3 basic training

rydunnrydunn Registered User
Hi guys, i am new to the Wholehog 3 console, i have to know it in the next few days for a new job a have been accepted for... i have watched the videos on console training but they dnt cover much with regards to programming and playing back cues, timelines etc .. . .any help much appreciated :)


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    Hi Ryan,

    One of the best sources of information is the Wholehog User Manual. More specifically we have a tutorial section called Quick & Dirty - A Show in Ten Steps; See page 19 in the most recent Manual.

    I would also highly recommend joining one of the Console Training Classes that we schedule regularly here in Austin.

    Hope this helps,
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    Where are you based Ryan?
  • spcentralspcentral Registered User, Hog Beta
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    I'd recommend downloading Hog3PC and giving things a try. Its just like having a console in front of you.
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