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Hi All,

Maybe i'm doing something wrong here but I'm patching a new show on 3.2.3 and was trying to set up all my pages and groups but I can seem to open the PAGE DIR window, Ive hit PAGE PAGE several times and nothings happening, restarted etc etc and still nothing....... am I just having a moment here or is this something someone else has seen ?




  • Marty PostmaMarty Postma Registered User
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    I have not seen this on H3 w/ DP-8000 or H3PC.
    Are you able to get to the Page Directory with OPEN+PAGE?
    Which console are you on?

    Hope this helps. :)
  • XOP15XOP15 Registered User, Hog Beta
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    Hi Marty,

    Running RHFB to a DP8000.

    Tried PAGE PAGE and tried OPEN PAGE but no luck.

    I can create a new page by pressing PAGE 1 ENTER and so on, and I can cycle through by pressing next page and pig page but I can't open the page DIR ......
  • XOP15XOP15 Registered User, Hog Beta
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    Just tried loading a new show and PAGE PAGE works, I load my other show back in and PAGE PAGE doesn't work ?
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    I noticed you said "OPEN PAGE" doesn't work...

    Quick question as it's all semantics...

    Is that "OPEN + PAGE" (holding open and hitting page)


    Is that "OPEN PAGE" (pressing open then pressing page)

    Those are 2 different sequences.

    If you did the second one, the correct syntax would be PAGE OPEN. If you're holding OPEN down and hitting page, that should work to.

    Just want to clear that up while we try and help you out...

    The other thing...try this...

    Then try again.

    OPEN+PAGE (holding open)
    PAGE OPEN (button presses)

    It might be opening the page, but it's hidden behind some already open windows.

    Another thing to check in the control panel is the Key Timings. It might have been changed in your one show that doesn't work so that PAGE PAGE isn't actually being seen as a double press and that's why it works in the "new" show.

    Just some thoughts...
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    Do you have an external monitor enabled, but not connected? It's possible that the window is opening on a display that you can't see.
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    Hi Eric,

    That was the problem, the window was opening on an external monitor that wasn't there.

    I thought this may be happening but after pressing PAGE PAGE and then the move button in the display soft keys at the top of the RH screen, I though this would have carried the page across to the desk screen, anyway problem solved, would this then cause an issue if you have a show that is set up to display the page dir on an EXT screen and then you run a show without an external screen, how would you be able to recall the screen page ?
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    When you recall a view or open a window on a display that isn't connected, it's supposed to force the external display's windows on to the internal screens.

    The thing you have to watch out for is that the console doesn't always know when a monitor is connected. If it's enabled in the control panel, the console may try to use the monitor even if there's nothing plugged in.
  • XOP15XOP15 Registered User, Hog Beta
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    Thanks Eric,

    I will keep this in mind.

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