Editing playback options for multiple lists

Hugovd89Hugovd89 Registered User
Hi All

Sometimes I find myself editing playback options for +50 lists with Colour bumps and FX. for example (persist on override, end release and cue, cue only, pile add effects, etc).

Editing them all 1 by 1 is really time consuming, and a waste of programming time.

Would it be possible the select multiple lists and then edit there playback options. So when I do +10 playback priority all selected lists will have this. :D


  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited February 2012
    You could record a keystroke-macro for this
  • Hugovd89Hugovd89 Registered User
    edited February 2012
    MLorenz wrote: »
    You could record a keystroke-macro for this

    Still not as efficient, would still have to excute the macro per list.
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