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Hi Guys,

Couple of things;

1) I am running a 'bump heavy' show with various ACL's, Colour Bumps etc. The way its ran it a master Q List, and then my ACL's/Bumps etc on Faders 4,5,6 etc..... Something I have noticed is that when repeatidly flashing Flash buttons randomly it becomes 'latched'.... It can be 20+ presses and then sometimes 2 or 3. Latch is OFF, that leads me to think there is a bug - or some kind of setting I am unaware of where after x amount of presses it latches?

2) Is it possible to edit 'buttons' of a Q List on Hog 3PC without assigning to a fader? When I program tours, I have master Q List and extra bumps etc.... Now, what I tend to do is record cues in the 'list window' so then as and when I want to set the show up I can move my lists to relevant masters..... However, sometimes I want to assign certain properties to a master/fader in terms of buttons whilst I record the list as I am likely to forget later... I know by holding down the list I can edit properties such as 'Cue Only' but is there a way to change the buttons etc? Issue is that I have is that if holding down the list with the Mouse, I can't then select anything else? Know it sounds silly - but it seems counter-productive to have to assign the list to a fader, edit it then delete it.

Hope that makes sense?



  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
    edited February 2012

    Can you please upload your show file to us using upload.highend.com so we can take a look. My guess is that there are some duplicated cue lists somewhere on other masters that hidden that are causing the locking.

    I totally hear you on the list directory preferences and I have logged the necessary enhancements to try and make this happen.
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