Printing the Neat and Tidy Cue content Document

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Dear all,
I am an ETC EOS Programmer. Recently, I have to use the Hog PC with Version 3.1.9 to program a Musical in Hong Kong. As there will be an Asia tour of it and I will not be with the team then.

I have been requested by the Lighting Designer to 'Print' a Document with the Cue Contents. I just found the default 'Print' function with a little printer icon on the cue content windows is hopeless (It uses 33 Pages for one cue and I have to do the print thing manually every single cue). Therefore I wanna know if there is a 'proper' way to do that ?? :confused::confused::confused:

In EOS, there is a pretty easy way to do it by choosing the 'Print to PDF' (something similar) to the USB in the Bowser in the CIA.

Thanks so much !!

Billy Wong


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    When printing from Hog3PC you should have a program such as CUTE FTP or some other print to PDF program installed on your computer and then select that as your default printer. This way when you choose to print the print will automatically generate a PDF. Now, I realize that the preview and the actual print out aren't always optimized but my advice for printing cues is to hide as many spreadsheet columns as possible since Hog3PC does not resize the cells or the print out to fit on a single page.
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