Fx color bump

HUGOLiTEHUGOLiTE Registered User
Hi all!

I what to do a colormixing-effect.Color to white color bumps. Last say magenta to white. The rig in magenta and white bumping thru in random.

Best ways??



  • Joe BleasdaleJoe Bleasdale Registered User
    edited February 2012
    Put all your fixtures in Magenta, then use the Mark Off table to bump the Magenta channel to 0. Size should be 100%. Then randomise your selection order and fan the offset.

    Either that or use the Step table with Magenta at 50% and alter the size until its stepping between full and zero. Same offset applies.

    Or make a chase... ;)

  • serdar kastasserdar kastas Registered User
    edited February 2012
    for fast opening and slow closure (Fast up and slow down value or just the opposite) you know which uses magenta channel fx " inv ramp or ramp" option nice bump... For single-shot NShot:1. Another way hue; magenta and saturation; FX . Open Color picker red<...mag.....>blue (value of the colors as desired ,close to red or blue)select hue channel value and open fx directory saturation fx ramp,inv ramp,step,mark on,off
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