"Could Not Patch to Specified Output"

ShrunkenNedShrunkenNed Registered User, Hog Beta
Software 3.2.3
IPC, Full Boar
(4) DP 8000s

IPC Console Net # 2
Full Boar Console Net #1
Server running on both.

Programming done on Full Boar. iPC logged onto show later in session.

Noticed that I couldn't view any of the patch in "Fixture Window" when I selected "View by DP". (jpg 6)

The patch was visible when I unselected "View by DP", (jpg 2), however when I actually tried to patch a fixture, all ports on all DPs showed 1 as the next available address (jpg 3), and when I tried to patch a desk channel at a known open address, I got the error: "Could not patch to specified Output Box" (jpg 4). Same behavior on BOTH consoles, Net #1 and #2.

Logging out BOTH consoles, and restarting server restored Fixture Window / Patch.

Is this expected behavior, that I just haven't run into before?


  • ShrunkenNedShrunkenNed Registered User, Hog Beta
    edited February 2012
    Figured out how to reproduce this.

    Full Boar was my roving, programming console.
    Net #2 and running server. This was the sole console for the first day.

    Day 2 I added the iPC to the network.
    Net #1 and running server. This would act as the main show computer.

    Here are the actions:

    Net #2 had the show open running server.

    Booted #1. Logged onto show, also running server.

    Net #2 had to move. Logged off show.
    Net #2 logged back into show. Patch window/DPs show as empty as per description above.

  • cmuenchowcmuenchow Registered User, Administrator, HES Staff
    edited February 2012

    Thanks for the post. We have now tried your repro in our test lab but we can see what you were saying and seems to be related to server fail-overs. I am building a bug report for this right now.
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