v3.2.3 problems

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Hello all!
Just wanted to relay my experience. Been using v3.2.2 (HogPc) for a couple weeks and seems fine, but tried to upgrade to 3.2.3 today and hit the wall. I was upgrading 2 netbooks running windows 7 (my remotes), 1 laptop also windows 7, 1 mac mini that boots directly to windows XP, and a Road Hog Full Boar. The netbooks and laptop successfully upgraded, but the XP mac mini failed to complete the upgrade process and hung in oblivion. The Full Boar crashed on the upgrade and wouldn't start again (black screens). I had to restore the Full Boar to 3.0.2 (the last iso that was in it) then upgrade back to 3.2.2 to get my show back. I deleted all the 3.2.3 msi files from the other computers and re-loaded 3.2.2 back into everything. Did a test and all is peachy. What's up with 3.2.3? Does it dislike the older systems?



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    Sorry it has taken this long to get back with you!
    Not sure why the MAC failed on the upgrade.
    As far as the FB not upgrading, my guess is the desk had an older image. In the 3.2.x release changed the drivers so a Full Restore was required.
    Release date: Janaury 13, 2012
    Install Notes: This version requires a Full Install of XPe Image v1.8.0 or greater.

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