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I won a HOG3PC setup with a DMX widget and would like to set it up to replace an old NSI board. I only have 24 active channels on the old board and I currently talk only to ASI dimmer packs.

My issue is that I can not seem to find a way to select a "fixture" that would allow me to just select dimming and assign the DMX channels that are currently being used.

Would anyone be able to direct me to a resolution? The online manuals have just made things more confusing than they need to be. I do have connectivity from the PC to the panels as when I add some fixtures, some lights will at least come on.

Thank you in advance....



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    What "fixtures" do you have patched?

    Hit SETUP (bottom row of keys between the play button and the numeric keypad
    Select PATCH on the "Right" screen
    Click on Fixture Schedule in the upper left portion of the screen
    Scroll down to "generic" and hit the "+" sign..
    Select DESK CHANNEL and hit SET to put in 24 and hit OK to close the window

    Then patch them on the universe...
    Type 1 THRU 24 @ 1 ENTER (this will patch them to address 1 thru 24)

    Does that help you???
  • txcartertesttxcartertest Registered User
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    That is perfect. I can now get all the lights to come on when I hit the "High Light" button.

    Now on to figuring out the basic programming of the busses and cues so that I can get something ready for tomorrow!!

    Thank you!
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    Hi Jim,

    Welcome to the Hog 3PC, you may want to have a look at some of the old training videos we have on the website.

    If you have any questions along the way please feel free to give us a call.
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