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How am i suppose to backup the media files on the DL2? i know i have a backup external HD that has the my custom files, but how to backup the stock content files?


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    at the moment we are running new media content and trying different things prior to programming the tour. this week is the trial by fire with the files as well as find out what will not work for us on the road as far as maintaining the fixtures. last year, the DL1s & Cats v.3.3 were ok. had issues with HD in the Cat v3.3 holding. so we went to external HD (lacie w/ firewire 800) was great. more reliable on the road. now working with the DL2s.
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    Currently there is no way of backing up the stock media files. They are locked down for security reasons, and there is no way you can get to them. Because of this lock-down however, there shouldn't be a way you could change/corrupt the files in a way that would make the DL-2 not function. About the only issue that could come up is a complete hard drive failure, in which case we can ship you a new, already imaged hard drive with content on it.

    In the future you will have the ability to create an archive of the stock content which can be used to restore the stock content on a DL-2 should it ever have to be reimaged.
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