Hog3 IPC major GPU issues + Crash

LDEvanBLDEvanB Registered User
Hello all,
so the past year or so we have been having issues with out GPU (the PCI one) in our IPC. We have replaced it, however it still tends to drop out every once and a wile. From what it seemed it keeped coming out of place and i needed to re seat it. However this past Saturday when i was on a show, during my opener i had an emergency on stage which required me to leave FOH for 10 minutes with a cue running. Upon my return, i found the entire console locked up (cues still running) but no front panel or touch screen control. because the video wall was running on a separate system i was able to reboot the desk right there, however when i did that the second touch screen plus my 3rd screen did not start up. I rebooted the desk again, and this time i got them started but the image on both the 2nd and 3rd screens were very distorted, and i was hardly able to even start up my show file without a crash. Eventually i got the desk running with just my 1 touch screen and finished the show.

I think its also worth noting that earlier before the show... my two screens in the PCI GPU (the touch and 1 19" non touch) were swapping. When i used the touch screen it would move the mouse on the external non touch screen, as well as its position was located "in-between" the two touch screens. If anyone has any Ideas please do share. I want to avoid needing to send it out but i feel i may have no choice soon. i did a full wipe and reinstall of the software and OS about 5 months ago because it was acting slow as anything, and it was working fine after that for about 3 months and then it just started to go downhill. takes a good 2 minutes to boot, encoders are laggy on live output sometimes, and I have been having show files corrupt on me left and right, and now this major crash during a show.

[EDIT]: Wholehog software version V3.2.0 build 3148, Windows XPe IPC Image Version 8.6.0 and this is a 2007 Version IPC. Current PCI GPU is ATI 9250/128MB (the Red one) and i have another that is listed as a 9250/128mb that is older and black. they are both known to work. just took it off the truck from the weekends show so i am going to attempt to reset the GPU again and see if i can get the screen up.


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