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ClaussenClaussen Registered User
Hey there,
I am New in HOG 3 and now on a Tour with it.
In MA i have The Function that i can Release parameters in a cue
And The Parameter for select Fixtures Turn back to The Tracking alle from The seq / List which was activated at Last .
Is there a workaround to program this at The HOG?

A Little exAmple:
Fix 1 - Int 100% - List 1 / cue 1 is activated
Now i activate List 2 / cue 1 with fix at 40%
Now in cue 2 from List 2 i want to Programm
That there is a Release in The Intensity in 2 sec.
So that The intensitY go back in The Tracking to List 1 cue 1

I Hope this bring it near to you what i want to do!

Best Regards


  • srautanesrautane Registered User, Hog Beta
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  • ClaussenClaussen Registered User
    edited January 2012
    Hey samy,
    Thanks for The answer .
    But this is Not The Way what i wanna do.
    He want to Release is from a Cuelist.
    Thats nö problem to program it.

    But i wanna Release The values from The One cue / and than that The values Turn to The Point Where the tracks from ... I.e.The Last seq/List
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