Weird issue with Ibeam 700hx not stricking lamp

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So I bought a "junk" iBeam on eBay with the intentions of fixing it and adding it to my iBeam fleet.

I replaced the logic board and PCB. Now I'm thinking it may be a bad PCB but, here's the issue.

Upon booting the machine in "self test" mode, the fixture goes through it's usual start up and testing normally. The only issue is that the lamp will not strike. I've replaced the logic board, the ignitor and the lamp socket. I test the lamp in another fixture as well and it's working fine.

One thing that leads me to think it may be a PCB issue is that the lamp light on the back of the logic board is solid as if the board thinks the lamp is struck. It was doing that on the previous logic board as well so I don't think that's a logic issue.

Before I spend the 45 minutes pulling and replacing the power board I was wondering if any of you may have another idea as to what could be preventing the lamp from striking.



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    Two things to check: The power board controls power switching to the lamp. Meter the lamp terminals on the power board and see if you have power to the lamp. Second, the power factor cap can also have an effect, but you would likely see an attempt to strike in that case, and I am assuming that you see nothing. Lastly, the power board connectors are notorious for burning and failing on the IB700. Pull them all loose from the power board and check for burned pins.

    Myself, I would have *started* with the power board . . . well, after changing the lamp of course . . .

    - Tim
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