faderless masters

mwrutlandmwrutland Registered User
is there a way to make the faderless masters on the hog 2 wing as "flash" buttons. there is only a play and puse button on them but there are a lot of programming functions that work well with a flash type setting but dont need a fader. in my programming style my wing is usually my effects and lekos. i usually use my faderless masters for movement macros and haze settings. but on larger shows when i have a lot of leko specials i need all the faders i can get for xfading in.



  • TannerTanner Registered User
    edited March 2012
    I would say just program a on and off with a zero second fade if you want that flash on the faderless ones. or try to combine a cue list into the one that you will need to bump. So combine all the lekos into one cue list, and make them different scenes, Like Dwn stage 3, Dwn stage 4... and on.

    Does that somewhat cover what you were trying to ask?
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