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Ilya PiotrovksyIlya Piotrovksy Registered User
Hi all.
Can i install another PCI videocard instead my original radeon 9250, and how can i install drivers for it?
And second, can i install usual Win XP on desk and just run HOG PC software from desktop?

Thanks a lot.


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    Some standard hardware like hard drives and keyboards can be replaced with off-the-shelf parts. Anything that requires a special driver won't work. OS is locked down to guard against corruption and doesn't allow third-party drivers to be installed.

    We only support the hardware and software that we ship. It's your console, and you can play around if you want. Just make sure you go back to the released software and OS before taking in on a live show.
  • Ilya PiotrovksyIlya Piotrovksy Registered User
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    ok, but can i run Usual XP on desk and use Hog PC soft with full functionality? i need only hog 3 mode
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    That's not something we test. It may work, it may not.

    It sounds like you may be trying to hot-rod your console. Just be aware that the iPC enclosure is very thermally constrained. Be careful you don't overheat the CPU enclosure.
  • Ilya PiotrovksyIlya Piotrovksy Registered User
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    I just get used desk with bad second videocard.
  • MLorenzMLorenz Registered User, Hog Beta
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    Did you check that the Videocard isn´t loose?! Sometimes they get loose during transport. If you only have output on the videocard that is on the mainboard, also check your bios-settings, maybe the bios-battery is empty and needs to be replaced. In this case the console also only uses just the on-board GPU

    From release 3.2 you also will only have HOG3 running on iPC, HOG2 will no longer be installed. Also check that you have the latest version off XPe installed

    Here some links that might help:
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    As said above, it is a common issue that the card will come loose. I have had to reseat mine a couple times a month depending on how many times it goes out and how rough the local crew is with the case (I have had to reseat it on a show before :))

    I would definitely try putting the old card back in, make sure to blow off the PCI slots on both end, and the right angle adapter. If that does not work you may also have a bad right angle adapter with a broken pin.

    If your card is in fact dead, i recommend looking for the same one, or relatively the same card that came with your desk. They vary based on the age of your desk. I am pretty sure there is a link somewhere with a list of cards that work, but i cant locate it at this time.
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