Bug Report 3.2.2 b.3337 Deleting lists from masters

HillbillyHillbilly Registered User
V3.2.2 b3337
3 - Hog 3
1 - Hog PC
2 - X-Wings
2 - Mini wings
5 - DP8K
4 - DP2K in Art-Net mode
1 - Cisco Gigabit switch for all DP's
2 - Netgear Gigabit switch on the fiber uplink (2 consoles are running on separate fiber lines)
All consoles are running fixed IP addresses, running servers and the same net number.

Issue - I have a template page that has a few open masters on it. For most of the night, the number of open masters are sufficient, but in a few pages I have to put a different cue list on top of a template master. When re-ordering the set list, it would not let me delete the temporary list that is sitting on top of the template list. It is going to the template defaults and saying that I can't delete a list from a held-over page. After attempting to delete the list several times, it will ask me if I want to unattach the list. Saying yes will delete the temporary list and then show the template list underneath.
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