User / root password for wholehog 3?

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Is there any possibility to login to the console in wholehog 3? I would like to see if the dhcp server is giving the DP 2000 any address and look for other errors ( and im curious about the system....)

Can i get the password or do i have to remove the disk and remove the password in another computer?


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    Ok, now i saw that the DP2000 is not supported... But im still curious about the system ;-)
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    The HogIII is based on a relatively recent version of Debian with a customized kernel and Xorg server to support the custom motherboard. There are a few Hog-specific kernel modules to support the touchscreens and power management.

    We don't distribute the login and password, but if you're a Linux geek and want to bypass the password and poke around, well, it's your console. Just be careful, embedded systems like the HogIII don't always work the same way as the PC Linux systems most people are used to.
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