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Hi, I want to know what are the accessories that come with complete Whole Hog III and DP 8000, to buy directly from high end systems. When you buy the console you give us usb to work with CAST Software WYSIWYG R28?


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    Hi Luis
    I'm not exactly sure what you mean.
    a NEW hog3 and DP8000 comes with a USB stick for backup, dustcover, desklights and flightcase... thats about it...

    to connect your desk to a WYSIWYG computer, you either need to have the Hog connectivity software installed on the WYSIWYG computer and the use a switch and standard network cables or a single crossover ethernet cable, the you connect your hog to WYSIWYG by HOGNET

    OR you can use the "fixture link" of the DP8000 to connect to WYSIWYG PC by Artnet - also by Network cable.

    a quick reply, you may contact me if you have further questions

    Best regards
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    Originally consoles included a "console edition" WYG dongle. I believe now they come with "console edition" ESP Vision.
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    Check with your local rep...according to the site, it says "Console edition DONGLES included" - plural....so it may still include Wyg, but I'm not sure. Either way "console editions" are usually limited and not full blown versions.
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    Here is Cast's response regarding Console Edition...


    CE includes all the features of Professional Perform except
    • provides visualization only while connected to the RWD's console (i.e., cannot connect to other consoles)
    • printing and exporting to other file formats is disabled although CE-created files may be opened in any of the Professional wysiwyg versions to be printed, exported to other formats, or rendered at a higher resolution
    • rendering is limited to 76,800 pixels - the typical resolution of 320x240 (or 240x320), commonly known as "thumbnail size."
    • CE is delivered at the current Release at the time of registration
    • CE Users are not eligible for Membership and do not receive Release or any other Membership Benefit unless they upgrade to Professional Perform
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